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Urban India is where start-ups and ambitious new businesses are popping up. 3sinfosolutions understands the operational needs of small businesses and offers a quality shared hosting service for such budding new enterprises. Shared web hosting is a low cost and efficient way of hosting your company’s data when you are running on strict budgets.

In a shared server hosting system, you share a server machine with other clients with respect to its resources. A shared server has a common memory and processing units that are distributed and shared between various clients.

If you have a business idea and have figured out most of the parts except for your website hosting, 3sinfosolutions can help you out with that one. We have got our shared hosting server in Bhubaneswer, which makes it easier for Indian start-ups to get that initial traction.

Shared web hosting is a great way to start your operations before you finally scale up dedicated hosting. 3sinfosolutions offers you both Linux based and Windows based web hosting services. This way we ensure that we are able to maintain flexibility with the technology used for your website.

If you have preferred to use C# with .NET for your website with MsSQL for your database, we have got ready our dedicated Windows servers for your web application. Similarly if you have preferred any other technology (most commonly PHP with MySQL) for your website, you can go for our Linux based shared hosting servers.

In terms of pricing we never go overboard with the standard rates. We are flexible considering the size and budget of various small and medium sized companies. While are reasonable with our prices, we certainly don’t make any compromises with the service quality.

No matter whatever technology your web application uses, you can choose any of our shared hosting plans and get the best of our latest and well maintained server hardware. When it comes to trusted web hosting in Bhubaneswer, look no further than 3sinfosolutions. We guarantee that you will not experience frequent server downtime as we have server technical specialists who dedicatedly work towards ensuring that your website stays running all the time.

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